More than your favorite songs. More than a light show. More than party.

Frequently asked questions

I operating with complete honesty and transparency, and I'm happy to provide the information you need to help you select the right DJ for your event. Here are some questions I receive.
  1. What types of events do you do?
    I'm a specialist with weddings, high-end corporate events, birthday parties and nightclubs.
  2. How would you define your “style” of DJing?
    One of my favorite parts of a celebration is the building portion. Simply put, the event is all about who is being honored. On our first meet, I pick your brain. As far as party time goes, cheesy, obnoxious microphone work from the DJ/MC can clear out a room so instead, I supply the timeless hits and keep everything on schedule through charm and positive energy on the microphone.
  3. I don’t want the music at my wedding to be traditional wedding music. Can you do that?
    Without a doubt! In addition to the traditional music, I've got a colorlful library from the 50's all the way to the currents. If you have something specific, we can download it 100% legally.
  4. How involved are you in helping us to plan our music? How involved can we be in selecting music for our event?
    When you hire me as your DJ, your're also hiring me as your "music consultant." We're gonna work hand in hand getting the must play songs listed and from there it's your call as to how involved you would like to be in the music selection. From my experience, I'm comfortable with taking full control of the music (as some clients prefer to have) but I always require some sort of brainstorm session so I can pick your brain and learn what you love and what you don't.
  5. What kinds of music are included in your collection?
    I own an enormous library of music in all formats, including international music. I update my collection constantly, ensuring that we are able to provide the songs that you and their guests currently enjoy. As I said earlier, I work closely with my clients in selecting the music for their event, and will gladly acquire any commercially available song that I don’t already own, at no additional cost. Because of this, I can virtually guarantee that I will be able to accommodate any request.
  6. How do you mix the music?
    Anybody can press play from one song to another, but reading a room and knowing exactly what songs to mix with the vibe of the guests at the party seamlessley is a craft I've masterd. It's unmatched. I love to watch a full dance floor just go higher and higher hitting an energy level they forgot was nested inside them!
  7. How much do you charge?
    Depending on the event, my rates vary. For example, my base rates for weddings range from $300-450 an hour, with a four-hour minimum. It's never subjective pricing based on your budget. Example again, I don’t price events higher if a client is using an expensive reception site or if they were referred by a well-known wedding planner. A complete and accurate price quote will be provided to you in our first email to you.
  8. What is included in the cost of my event?
    Four hours of performance time (additional time is available at a prorated hourly cost), setup and breakdown time, and my full DJ setup, including additional sound systems and wireless microphones for events up to 300 guests. For weddings over 300 guests, a custom quote may be necessary to ensure your event's equipment and staffing needs are met. No crazy hidden fees.
  9. What areas do you serve?
    I'm currently based in Los Angeles, CA and I service areas within 30 miles. For areas outside of that radius, travel accomedations must be handled by the client.
  10. What are the terms of payment if I book your services?
    A 50% nonrefundable retainer is due with your signed agreement within 7 days of your initial consultation with Keybo. This retainer reserves and guarantees my services on your wedding day, and includes my unlimited accessibility to you in providing music planning assistance. The balance is collected 30 days prior to your event. If you take advantage of the full payment discount (offered to anyone signing an agreement at least four months prior to their wedding) would remit the full amount, less 15%, with their signed agreement. JustKeybo Entertainment accepts personal and business checks, certified checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. I do not accept Discover at this time.
  11. What kind of equipment do you use?
    I have two seperate DJ setups. I have a Pioneer DDJ-SZ DJ controller with two PA JBL powered speakers. I also have two Technics 1200 MK2 turntables for those who prefer the old school style DJ.
  12. Do you have reviews or references?
    Sure do! Give that testimonials page a click :-)
  13. Most importantly…why should I choose Keybo for my event?
    I beileve every celebration is a unique and magical moment for an individial or group. Once the music starts, the music becomes the coolest kid in the room because if the right song is played, you'll feel it. We all love music. We trust music to make us feel safe, loved, appreciated. I know and love music. I also believe we all deserve to share happiness. This is my offering!